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rated at 700lbs


for multiple lifting options
*depending on size


MX accommodates 34"-62" chest
XLT adjusts from 58"-82"


to 38"

Where Patient
Handling Begins™


The idea was simple.  Find a safer, simpler, easier way to lift patients. 


After seeing his wife, an EMT, struggle with the challenges of patient lifting, Dan Binder decided to do something about it.  Three national recognitions for design later and the Binder Lift now provides users with a safer way to lift patients.


No other patient lifting device on the market provides 360° handles that attach to the patients torso. Without these handles, careproviders are forced to ignore accepted safe lifting practices; putting themselves, and the patient at elevated risk of injury.



More Than Just A Lift Belt


Unlike lift belts, the Binder Lift provides up to 25 handles for the caregivers to grasp. This enables to caregivers to lift as a team while using proper lifting technique in a variety of situations. Whether the patient is stuck in the bathtub or simply needing help out of their lazyboy, the Binder Lift provides superior torso support for the patient and allows for multiple caregivers to have handles to grab when providing assistance.


Don't take our word for it! Try one out obligation free for yourself. Simply CLICK HERE to fill out a request to receive a couple of devices in the mail for your department to try on your pateints. Not sold on it yet? See what our customers are saying about their experience with the Binder Lift.


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Compact Storage Bag


When not in use, the Binder Lift stays tucked away in the included storage bag, freeing up valuable space in your vehicle. All total, it measures only 16" x 4" x 12", and can easily be carried in the field.


Multiple Handles


The Binder Lift has 19 to 25 handles strategically placed around the torso to provide optimal lifting possibilities. Without these handles, care providers are forced to ignore proven practices of safe patient handling.


Cushioned Top Edge


To ensure maximum patient comfort, all three models are built with a cushioned top edge, greatly reducing the chance for patient skin tears and bruising.