Time for Change?

CEO-Binder Lift

Change is inevitable. From the beginning of creation, change is a regular part of every life cycle. Without change nothing would grow beyond its infancy. Although we've often heard it said that "ignorance is bliss", the fact is that without change none of us would be where we are today.

How many of us take for granted things like HD TV, Smart phones, the Internet or even computers? Yet each of these things has brought about change to our lives (albeit, some may argue whether for the good or bad). In fact, it is because of some of the aforementioned things that I find myself having to "change" as I enter into the "new" world of blogging.

Recently, I had the occasion to remember sitting at my parents kitchen table back in 1974 when my folks had returned home from a big day of shopping in Sacramento, CA. I will never forget how excited they were to show me their newly acquired treasure, a 12" electronic desktop calculator! Wow, what a time saving device for my dad to be able to electronically calculate his customer invoicing. Believe it or not, I occasionally caught him still using his abacus!

Despite obvious time saving capabilities and ease of use, our familiarity with "the way we've always done it" can too often present a temptation to resist the change that brings about a "better" or "safer" way to do what we've always done. Such an example can be seen in "patient handling".

With estimates of EMS back injuries ranging as high as 21.3%* greater than other occupations nationally, it's PAST time for "change" in the way we approach patient handling. Although I personally am not an EMT, the most important person in my life (my bride of almost 30 years) just happens to be.  I know first hand the value and importance of the "calling" to EMS that people like yourselves (like my wife) have received. Such a "calling" should not be dismissed or unappreciated. And even though not everyone is "called" to minister to the needs of others such as the case with EMS, it is my personal belief that none of you who have responded to that "calling" should have to risk your own health and well-being in order to fulfill that call.

It is sufficient that you are willing to serve in EMS to begin with. Why then, continue to engage in an outdated method of patient handling that could potentially injure not only yourselves, but also your patient? It's kind of like using an abacus when there is an electronic desktop calculator available, except worse. No one has ever been injured using an abacus! Such is not the case, however, with traditional manual forms of patient handling.


Prior to the introduction of the Binder Lift in January 2013, there really wasn't a "good" (let alone GREAT) way to provide lift assistance to a patient who had fallen or who simply needed help in getting up. Although there were (and still are) numerous improvisations of choice which are often regionally favored, ALL have their shortcomings. By "shortcomings", I mean that every improvised method, although well intention-ed, continues to leave both the EMT and the patient at risk of becoming injured; not to mention taking valuable time and money to implement or recover from.

Having traveled the country now for three years to exhibit at over 36 shows, I can tell you the range of back injury costs that have been shared with us have ranged from $3K -$250,000! I can also tell you that there is not a single injured EMT who would "do it the same way again" had they have known the consequence of just doing it the same-ole-way vs. using a Binder Lift. It's time for change. It's time to try a Binder Lift for yourself (for FREE). It's time to "Save time, Save money, and SAVE YOUR BACK!"

Until next time...."Get a HANDLE on your patient" with Binder Lift.

*Brian J. Maguire, Dr.PH, MSA, EMT‐P, 2009 NAEMSO, VA