Does it REALLY matter?

As a lifelong construction guy I can certainly attest to the importance of having the "right" tool for the job. Having the "right" tool will always make a difference in a multitude of ways. It can make a difference in whether the job is completed in a: timely manner, safe manner and profitable manner. Each of these areas all have a direct impact on the viability of my livelihood and I suspect, your livelihood too.

If a job is not completed in a timely manner, I will more than likely lose money. If I get hurt on the job, it will cost even more money because not only will I have medical bills to pay but the job will also not be completed in ...a timely manner. If either of these two circumstances occur, then (see # 3) it will be difficult to finish the job in a profitable manner. It's really no different regardless the occupation.

One of my admiration's of EMS/Fire is all the "cool" tools they have at their disposal. Whether the Jaws of Life, a "power cot", or a video scope to see down someone's throat, there are specially designed "tools" (equipment) that are intended to make your jobs safer, timely and (ultimately) more profitable. Yet, despite the wide array of specialty tools available for purchase, time and again the "cheap" way is all too often the method chosen to accomplish a task. Sometimes because the "right" tool isn't available but sometimes because we're too lazy to go out to the truck to get it.

Also, there is always the "budget" to have to reconcile. How do we justify spending so much money on just one of these tools? In the case of the Binder Lift, we're talking $500 -$850 for just one device. So does it really matter? After all, a rope, belt or bed sheet could be had for $20. So although I could use a rock to pound in a nail (because, after all, a rock is really cheap), I can easily justify a $120 Titanium hammer when I consider the efficiency, longevity, and the safer it will be for my fingers, wrist and elbow. Likewise, although a rope, belt or sheet is much cheaper than a specialty tool like the Binder Lift, none of those things will ever satisfy all three requirements of your job; to be timely, safe and profitable.

So does the "right" tool really matter?

Well I think it's fairly obvious, yes it is!. How about for you?

Until next time, "Get a HANDLE on your patient" TM. Safe & happy lifting!