New Year - New Beginnings

As 2016 is now well under way, all of us here at Binder Lift LLC, would like to thank all of our customers for a fantastic 2015. We look forward to an even better year for 2016 because of all of you who have been sharing with your friends how well the Binder Lift has been working for your departments and ambulance services.

Although I'm not real big on new year resolutions (because I personally don't have a great success rate), many people (maybe you're one) like to take the opportunity that a new year provides to make new year resolutions. If you fall within this camp, I would like to ask you a favor. Specifically, if you are already a Binder Lift user, would you be willing to share your testimony with a neighboring department? The value of your personal experience cannot be overstated, both to me as well as to your fellow colleagues. If you are not a current Binder Lift user, would you be willing to "begin" the process of discovering why the Binder Lift is making a huge impact on users and patients alike all across this country?

So why bother? After all, isn't the way we've always done it good enough? Well...quite frankly, no. All of us (the EMS family, Fire, Nursing, home-care providers, the Binder Lift family) are in the business of helping people in their time of need. Here at Binder Lift our focus is to help those who help those that need help :) The Binder Lift was created on the premise that no one who helps another should themselves have to unnecessarily risk getting hurt. I did not want my EMT wife, Julie, getting hurt because she did not have the right tool for the job of lifting someone. Neither do I want a any other person to get hurt for the same reason. 

2016 presents all of us the chance for new opportunities and new beginnings. It is your chance to begin anew the way you go about lifting. It is my hope (and all of us here at Binder Lift) that you will join us in this new year as we continue our efforts to help those who help others by sharing the good news of "a safer way to lift because humans don't come with handles!". Wishing all of you the best in this new and hopeful year!