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Leg Strap Extensions

Leg extension straps provide an additional 18" of extension to the EXISTING leg straps. Leg strap extensions are beneficial when using the Binder Lift on obese patients with extra large thighs. Sold as a pair (two straps). Call or Email to order.
Price: $30.00
*These are NOT replacements for the original leg straps that came with your Binder Lift. See below for leg strap replacements

Replacement Leg Straps 

OEM replacement leg straps replace the original leg straps that came with your Binder Lift upon purchasing. Sold as a pair (two straps). If the original straps were misplaced or damaged please Call or Email to order. 
Price: $35.00


Replacement Storage Bag

OEM replacement storage bags for the Binder Lift. Bag varies depending on model and size of Binder Lift it holds. Call or Email to order your replacement storage bag. Please know the size and model of Binder Lift it is being purchased for. 
Price: $35.00

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