Medic One Ambulance

300+ pound patient slipped out of wheelchair at dialysis, which is a “no lift facility.” Crew responded and, after assessing needs, requested another unit be dispatched to assist with lifting. However, after the Binder Lift was applied and before the additional crew arrived, the crew was able to lift the patient safely with two person lift and cancel additional resources.

I really appreciate the capability of the Binder Lift. With the lift as a resource, what was ordinarily a “two truck response” to lift a heavy patient from the floor can now, in many cases, be completed safely with a single unit.

The crew failed at first attempt to lift the patient without the Binder Lift. The crew also reports that after they applied the Binder, the lift was “easy.”

Andy Ball - Risk Control

Clearwater Fire & Rescue

"What an awesome tool for our toolbox. For me, I was drawn to it for a couple of reasons—one, you have two points of contact when lifting the patient so you use better lifting techniques, and two, it provides a barrier between you and the patient.

I’ve had several of my frequent lift-assist patients say the Binder Lift was very comfortable for them, Whitham notes. Being in Florida, we have a huge elderly population. It’s not always possible to tug on their shoulders, and they get that real fine, paper skin that tears so easily; by applying this device it takes those issues right out of the equation.

I would totally recommend this product to any agency. As the fire service and EMS continue to grow and evolve, why wouldn’t you want a tool for your toolbox that not only benefits the patient but also helps you to reduce injuries?"

-Tammy Whitham

Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue

"Your device is one of three on my crews’ most favorite list along with, Ferno Stair Chairs, and Stryker Power Pro Gurneys. They believe each of these devise are adding years to their backs holding up. Thanks for a great product."

-Joseph M. Repar

Sevier County EMS

"I have had the opportunity to use your Binder Lift, and I love it! We also have been trying another product that I personally don't like as much. I enjoyed the video, I do think it helps if the patient is assisted to a seated position prior to applying it, especially in those tight quarters, it really helps with strapping it on. Excited to use it again, it has really saved me and several squad members have been impressed!"

-Kaycie Carter

Harvard Fire Protection District

"I have had positive feedback from our people about your product. We have one patient in particular that we use this device on frequently. This patient is very large and falls all the time and unable to get up on their own. We put the device on and we are able get her up. We have had as many as four people around her to get her up. Since I was one of the people that used the Binder Lift device I thought it was pretty simple to use. I liked that you were able to get people around this patient and raise her up effectively. We have used this product with two, three, and four people, and it was great. Finally a useful product that actually works the way it is suppose too. I am recommending this product to our surrounding departments. Thanks Again."

-Battalion Chief Daniel Danczyk

Ellendale Vol. Fire Company

"I am happy to give you feedback on this absolutely amazing device. Since receiving the device we have used it more than 20 times with various combinations of crews. Let me clarify before I go on that when I first mentioned getting this device and what it was used for the feedback I got from Volunteers of the combination department was mixed with most saying that they thought it was going to be just another waste of money if they were purchased, so most of the feedback was not positive. Fast forward to today and all of those people are now sold on this device after using it several times.

As recently as this past week my partner and I who are both male responded out to a residence that we frequently get called to for a person needing help getting up. This Gentleman is in his 70's, weighs over 300 lbs. and is relatively short (under 5'7). He was laying on his back in the bathroom after sliding down the wall while moving from the shower to his motorized wheelchair. He was not complaining of any injuries so we got him into a sitting position on the floor. With my partner bracing him from behind, the device was placed on the gentleman and with just the two of us this man was lifted from the floor and lifted off of his feet and moved 4 feet to his chair. Afterward the gentleman stated that he found that much easier and much more comfortable then the numerous other times that we had picked him up under his arms or the numerous other ways he had done this in the past. Just as a footnote to this story, my partner and I are not small guys by any means and both of us weigh over 200lbs.

I still have the opinion from the first email that I sent, but now that I have used it I no longer THINK it is the best product to come out in the ems field in years I KNOW IT IS.

I have received nothing but positive feedback from all the crews that have used this device. I have showed this to every other ambulance and fire company that I have come into contact with in the last month in a half, have told them to check out the website, and have told them all of our success stories with the device. I am sorry to say that I cannot give you any negative feedback at this time because I just haven't been able to find anything that needs to be changed. The device is perfect the way it is.

Again Mr. Binder this is an amazing product and is without a doubt the best product that has come to this field in the patient lifting and moving category ever and I believe that until they make something that does that for us it will stay the best product for doing this job.

Thank you for letting us try this product. I hope that I have been able to convince the other departments to check these Binder Lifts out and I hope they in turn purchase some as well."

-James Furbush- NREMT- EMS Supervisor

Wiggins Fire Department

"We received the Binder Lift yesterday afternoon and placed it on the Rescue truck after a short in service with all personnel. About 8pm last night I received a text from one of our guys with a picture of the lift and the words "1st use". I called him and he explained that they responded to a call and found a young gentleman about 350 lbs that was unable to get up and had to be moved from a tight location to another area to get to the stretcher. He said they decided to try the Binder Lift and secured it to the patient and moved him with ease to the stretcher. He said without the Lift they would have had a hard time moving him and most likely would have placed him on a trap and would have to drag the patient on the floor. He said it paid for itself on the first night by making their job easier and protecting the patient. Thanks for the product and your customer service. "

-Jody Hatten | Fire Chief

Simmons Ambulance

"...We had an opportunity to use it yesterday and the patient was impressed. Thanks for a great product. "

-David Johnson