use the Binder Lift for patient lifting

Lift with your legs and not your back ......or can you? 







Without having handles to grasp when providing lift assistance, caregivers are forced to ignore proper lifting techniques and good ergonomics.

prevent back injuries by using Binder Lift

EMS has a lifting related injury rate 21x the national average.





From 2008-2011 the number of reported back injuries within EMS increased by 1500 injuries. The majority of these injuries happened prior to placing the patient on the stretcher.

Binder Lift is the missing link to prevent back injuries

Completes the patient handling equipment package







The Binder Lift is specifically designed for where patient handling begins™; helping lift a patient off the floor and onto the bed, chair, or stretcher.

"The problem isn't going to go away by only purchasing power cots and stair chairs. The Binder Lift completes the patient handling package." Dan Binder CEO/ Binder Lift

EMS using Binder Lift device

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Binder Lift patient lifting device

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Binder Lift case study

These Case Studies examine the difference the Binder Lift made on 911 calls ran by some of our customers. We bet you can readily identify with some of these situations....Click HERE