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Lifting patients is the most injury-prone task a pre-hospital provider will perform on a typical shift. The Binder Lift changes this by attaching up to 25 handles to the patient's torso, so providers can safely lift any size patient with ease. It's impossible for crews to effectively team lift with proper ergonomics when following outdated and improvised lifting techniques involving a sheet, blanket, or transfer-tarp. When lifting with the Binder Lift crews can avoid lifting related injuries and have longer healthier careers. We’ve helped thousands of providers tap into their full lifting potential by giving them handles to lift with, and would love to help your department as well.

Why We Do It

Binder Lift was founded on the belief that every EMS provider deserves the right to be able to perform their job safely, and without unnecessary risk of injury or illness. The first Binder Lift was created by Dan Binder for his wife Julie. It all started on New Year's Day 2012 when Julie had more than her fair share of lifting drunken patients off the bathroom floor during her shift as an EMT-I for West Park Hospital Ambulance.

When Dan learned of the accepted techniques that were being used to lift patients he knew there had to be a better way. From his 20+ years in the construction industry he had learned first hand the importance of lifting with proper ergonomics.

Dan immediately envisioned the tool that Julie needed to be able to lift patients safely and effectively. In the following weeks he purchased a 1962 Kenmore sewing machine off of Ebay and at the age of 50 taught himself how to sew at the kitchen table (who said you can't teach old dogs new tricks). After making the very first Binder Lift, he put it on and Julie picked him up by herself off the living room floor. After that she took it to work with her and found it was just what was needed to enable team lifting while using proper lifting ergonomics.

Soon realizing that the whole EMS and Fire industry could benefit from his newly created device, Dan formed Binder Lift Inc to help reduce all lifting related injuries within EMS and Fire. He sold his truck and two trailers to fund the first round of professionally sewn Binder Lifts. Within the first few months of operation Binder Lift was awarded Hot Product Of The Year 2013 by JEMS Magazine, and a few months later EMS World Magazine awarded Binder Lift with their 2013 Innovation Of The Year Award. But Binder Lift was far from finished with innovative products and released a new model in 2014 which once again was awarded the Hot Product Of The Year Award from JEMS Magazine. To date Binder Lift Inc is the only company to receive this award two years in a row.

Though the company has grown over the years, it's still owned and operated by the Binder family. Together they oversee the daily operation of the company, making sure their customers get more than what they pay for. Keeping their family values in the workplace is something that is not optional. When you buy a Binder Lift you're not going to be just another number, you'll be family. Give us a call, we'd love to chat.

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