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Why do I need the Binder Lift when a sheet or soft stretcher can do the same thing?

Since the field of EMS was established, there haven't really been many changes to the way providers lift patients, despite the ever-increasing volume and size of patient being lifted. Back in the old days, pre-hospital providers used nothing but a bed sheet and a little ingenuity to lift patients.

But today, those practices are not only antiquated, but also dangerous for the EMS provider. Musculoskeletal injuries from lifting patients are the most common injury sustained by EMS professionals since the CDC started publishing injury data in 2008. Lifting patients is quite literally breaking the back of EMS providers, and if we don't change how we lift patients, rates of injury to patients and providers will persistently climb. We're not saying you can't lift a patient with a bed sheet. We're simply saying that if you continue to do what you've always done, you'll continue to get what you've always got - and EMS has a long history of getting hurt from lifting patients. It doesn't have to be that way. Read more about this HERE.

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How heavy of a patient can we lift with the Binder Lift?

Patients are known to round down when giving their weight (we're all probably a little guilty of this), so more often than not you don't know how heavy your patient actually is. So instead of giving a weight capacity for the Binder Lift, which does little good if you don't accurately know the patient's weight, we make it simple by guaranteeing that it is capable of helping you lift any patient that you can properly attach it to. A patient will be too wide, thus preventing your from properly attaching the Binder Lift, far before they'll be too heavy.

The Standard size has a 34" - 62" circumference, which typically fits a 100 - 350 pound patient.
The Bariatric size has a 58" - 82" circumference, which typically fits a 350 - 800 pound patient.

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Why is the Binder Lift so expensive?

Quality, customer service, and value doesn't come cheap. Power cots are also expensive. Over 30x more expensive to be exact. But power cots have been proven to be a good investment time and time again because they are proven to reduce cot related injuries. The Binder Lift helps prevent injuries where they happen most - lifting a slippery, wet, naked patient out of a bathtub. That means the Binder Lift has 30x the return on investment when compared to a power cot. The Binder Lift will be one of the cheapest pieces of capital equipment in the back of your ambulance.

All Binder Lift products are made in the USA with the highest quality workmanship and materials. We also stand by our products with unmatched customer service and warranty.

If you're worried about the price, first just try it through our risk free 30-day trial. If you don't think it's worth the money after trying it, we'll pay for the return shipping for you to send it back.

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Is the Binder Lift proven to reduce lifting related injuries?

Yes. The Binder Lift has been tested through a third party ergonomic evaluation process and was found to significantly reduce shear forces on the lifter's spine when compared to the industry's most common lifting practices. Some of our customers have reported a 100% percent reduction in lifting related injuries years after their purchase. There is a significant amount of science behind the ergonomics of a handle. Handles make lifting both safer and easier. Because humans don't come with handles, you need to bring your own. The Binder Lift brings the handles to patient handling.

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What makes Binder Lift different than the other lift devices on the market?

Our defining characteristics are Quality, Customer Service, and most importantly - Proven Results. The Binder Lift is the only device that boasts 4 national awards for safety and innovation, and it's the only device on the market that is proven with electromyography (EMG) to reduce shear forces on the lifter's spine when compared to traditional methods of lifting. Here is a list of what we offer, that you won't get anywhere else:

•       5-year warranty that's firefighter proof - if it's damaged for any reason, we'll repair or replace it.
•       Up to 32 handles to lift by - Over 3x as many handles as any other device.
•       Proven injury reduction - we have field testing data as well as lab data.
•       Longstanding history of excellence - we have over 2,000 customers and not a single reported injury while using the Binder Lift. That's an estimated 1,000,000 patient lifts without injury.
      Patented torso wrap design that provides comfort and support for the patient.
      4 National awards for safety and excellence from industry leaders such as, EMS World, Journal of Emergency Medical Services, and National EMS Safety Foundation.
•      Made from 100% medical grade impervious material for quick and efficient decontamination after every use.

Here's a few more things to keep in mind when choosing a patient lift device.

Don't take our word for it though! We let our product speak for itself. Give it a try risk free for 30-days and see for yourself. If you've already purchased a different lifting device and would like to upgrade to the Binder Lift, we'll let you trade it in at 100% of it's retail value. Learn more about our trade-in offer HERE.

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What size Binder Lift do I need?

Both! You know better than us that we no longer live in a "one size fits all" society. This is why we have two sizes, Standard and Bariatric. The Standard size typically fits patients ranging from 100 - 350 pounds (34" - 62" torso circumference). The Bariatric size typically fits patients ranging from 350 - 800 pounds (58" - 82" torso circumference). Both sizes are needed because it's your responsibility to provide care, and sometimes lift assistance, to patients of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're lifting a 100 pound patient or an 800 pound patient, you deserve to have the equipment necessary to keep you safe. Lifting injuries do not discriminate. Data shows you're at elevated risk of injury anytime you're lifting more than 35lbs. The Binder Lift helps to reduce this risk by attaching handles to the patient, large or small, so providers can harness their strength and use proper ergonomics.

Many of our metropolitan departments will put a Standard size on all of their front line ambulances or apparatus, and a strategically place the Bariatric size throughout the response area so backup can bring it if needed. Rural departments will typically place one of each size on every ambulance because back up isn't as readily available for a quick response if needed.

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Is the Binder Lift comfortable for the patient?

Absolutely. The Binder Lift's patented torso wrap design distributes the patient's weight across the the entire surface area of the device. As a result, the patient doesn't feel significant pressure in their armpits or groin when being lifted. If you're using a sheet, transfer tarp, or other lifting device, it is likely that your patients are experiencing discomfort and instability when lifted. The Binder Lift is the only device on the market that has padding for patient comfort, and a torso wrap design that provides superior patient stabilization and security. Patients who've experienced the Binder Lift difference explain it best. "They used a new lift jacket [Binder Lift] to pick me up without hurting my back too much. I have had over 70 surgeries and they managed to pick me up without too much added pain in less than 1-2 seconds! Would you please relay to them just how grateful I am. I'll write personally when able."

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Can the Binder Lift be used in confined spaces, such as a small bathroom?

Yes. Because 80% of falls happen in the bathroom, we designed the Binder Lift with the bathroom in mind. If you're using a sheet, transfer tarp, or other lifting device, chances are you're forced to use bad lifting ergonomics when in a confined space, such as a bathroom. This is because it's impossible to use proper lifting ergonomics if there isn't a handle in a direct line between the lifter and the object (patient). That's why the Binder Lift has up to 32 handles - well over 3x the amount of handles than any other lifting device on the market. With so many handles to choose from, you're guaranteed to have handle in a direct line between you and the patient in any scenario. Here's a video of paramedics lifting a 350lb patient out of the bathtub.

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How do you clean the Binder Lift after use?

Click Here to download the cleaning instructions. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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What is the Binder Lift warranty?

All Binder Lift products are made in the USA and come with a 5 year warranty. If your device is damage for any reason we will repair or replace it free of charge for the first 5 years after your purchase. "But what if my device is damaged after the warranty period?" Glad you asked! Since the Binder Lift is made in the USA it's easy and inexpensive to have it repaired. Just Contact Us and we'll walk you through the easy steps to get it repaired. To view our warranty policy Click Here

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